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Fenix TX – CRE-EP

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After years on the down low, Fenix TX are set to release their long-awaited EP, CRE-EP on September 30, 2016. Featuring five new songs (plus a bonus track on vinyl only), CRE-EP reignites the pop-punk torch that the band carried and fuels it with a new hard rock twist.

CRE-EP will be the band’s first studio release since 2001’s Lechuza. “I don’t feel as though the flame was ever put out,” says lead singer/guitarist William Salazar. “It’s just been a lot harder to fan it and keep it going. We’ve all been so busy with work, school and family that music has taken a backseat position on the road of life…The difference today from what music was like for us 20 years ago, is that it’s not the only thing we have going on.”

The track “Get Loose” features intricate guitar parts and booming vocals, while “Bending Over Backwards” captures the group’s original sound from their birth in the mid ‘90s that fans around the world have enjoyed since the beginning. The punk rock anthem “Church and State” connects with a modern day audience about political issues that are going on in today’s society. It demonstrates how the group has updated its music to be able to build a bridge from their old-school sound to something that today’s society can easily relate to. “It’s my way of saying that our country is screwed up and everyone likes placing the blame on who screwed it up without really knowing why it’s screwed up in the first place,” says Salazar.

Track Listings

  1. 1

    Spooky Action at a Distance

  2. 2

    Church and State

  3. 3

    Bending Over Backwards

  4. 4

    Get Loose

  5. 5

    I Don't Know What to Say

  6. 6

    A Song for Everyone (Vinyl Only)

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