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Formed in San Diego in the early ’90s, UL was a major part of the pop-punk movement that swept the decade. As the band developed, UL started writing bigger songs that retained the punk energy but featured more of a rock sound. Over the past few years, Russo doubled his efforts as a songsmith, and UL grew into what could be described as singer-songwriter punk rock, which is why UL is one of the few punk bands that could pull off an acoustic set.

In their efforts to push their creativity and songwriting strengths, the band recorded for a number of different labels, including three of the four major label groups and a few indies. For Live & Lawless, UL partnered with their longtime friends at Suburban Noize Records, in 2009.

In 2013, founding drummer, Wade Youman, returned to Unwritten Law, after a reconciliation with Scott Russo. Following Youman’s return, Derik Envy and Kevin Besignano both left the band, being replaced with Johnny Grill (Russo’s younger brother) and Chris Lewis (Fenix TX), respectively. The band is currently working on an acoustic album, which will be followed soon after with a new studio album.

Unwritten Law
Scott Russo – Vocals / Guitar
Wade Youman – Drums
Chris Lewis – Guitar
Jonny Grill – Bass

Cyber Tracks Releases


  1. Unwritten Law – Celebration

Unwritten Law