Ten Foot Pole is a California melodic punk band known for heartfelt lyrics, often stories, put to aggressive guitar riffs and fast drums. TFP was a favorite in the soundtrack for the 1990’s skate and surf scenes. TFP’s rich history includes starting as Scared Straight, a “Nardcore” band (Oxnard hardcore), on Mystic Records in the 1980’s. Noteworthy musicians, including a pro baseball pitcher and several guys that went on to noteworthy bands (Strung Out, Pulley, Papa Roach, Foo Fighters) added different perspectives over six albums, while Dennis Jagard’s lyric and music writing provided consistency. After an eight year hiatus to focus on a touring sound engineering career (mixing for Prince, Jimmy Eat World, AFI, etc.), Dennis has TFP writing a new album and performing, recently rocking the Hits and Pits Festival across Australia and with mini-tours lined up in the US, Canada and Europe.

Ten Foot Pole
Dennis Jagard – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Chris Del Rio – Bass
Scott Hallquist – Guitar
Keith Divel – Guitar
Pat MaGrath – Drums

Website: TenFootPole.com

Ten Foot Pole