Implants - Cyber Tracks



Implants are a five-piece melodic punk rock supergroup formed in 2011 which features members of SoCal punk mainstays Strung Out, Pulley, No Use For A Name, Face to Face, and The Tank. They have quickly amassed a large following after leaking demos online which have received worldwide attention and radio play, and have already proven themselves a must-see live act while sharing the stage with Good Riddance, NOFX, Pulley, and Strung Out among others. The band’s long awaited EP, was produced and mixed by Ryan Greene (Bad Religion, Megadeth, NOFX), and is being released on Cyber Tracks in Fall 2016.

Ken Conte (The Tank, Brown Lobster Tank) – Lead Vocals
Jim Blowers (Pulley) – Guitar/Vocals
Rob Ramos (Strung Out) – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Riddle (Face to Face, No Use for a Name) – Bass/Vocals
Chris Dalley (Ten Foot Pole) – Drums


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