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Cyber Tracks is a Los Angeles based record label founded by power couple Aaron and Jennifer Abeyta. Aaron Abeyta (aka El Hefe) is a guitarist, vocalist, recording engineer and producer who has over 20 years experience in the music business. His wife Jen managed Aaron’s previous production company (Aaron Abeyta Productions), has done some modeling and acting, and has an extensive background in graphic design. After 6 years of marriage, the Abeytas felt it was the time in their joint venture to start something completely new together, so they began by building Aaron’s production company and creating a mega recording/mixing studio in their home.

After engineering and mixing multiple albums in the new studio, the couple stumbled upon a rock band called Margate. After meeting with the band and attending one of their local shows, The Abeytas realized they had great chemistry with the Margate guys, and more importantly loved their music. Since they already had the ability to record and mix records in their home studio, the Abeytas decided to go all the way and release Margate’s recordings as well. This is when Jen and Aaron realized that this was the “something new” they had been looking for, and thus Cyber Tracks was born. The name Cyber Tracks derives from our acceptance to the new digital age in music. Music is shared per file and in limitless quantities via our airwaves. It bounces around in space off satellites and is then sent back down directly to people’s personal digital receivers. Jen and Aaron fully embrace this new futuristic era where art can be created and instantly beamed to the masses for consumption. Jen & Aaron also acknowledge the possibility that music is accessible beyond Earth’s atmosphere, which supports the notion that “The Universe Is Listening.”

Besides bringing their band to the table, the guys in Margate also had a hand in the formation of Cyber Tracks. In addition to running their band on their own in DIY fashion for the last 8 years, they also have years of major label experience reviewing contracts, handling clearances and administering copyright royalty payments. With their knowledge and expertise, along with Wil (Jen’s brother) who is a webmaster but also has experience in radio and web marketing, it was a no-brainer for Aaron and Jen to start a label. This new cooperative venture “for artists, by artists” promises to empower bands by allowing them to share control, revenue, and decision-making equally with the label as opposed to the traditional ‘”label boss” and “talent” relationship. Cyber Tracks plans to share equal interest with their bands in all endeavors, and the Abeytas hope this arrangement and collaborative spirit will foster creativity.

For more information about the duo, follow them on Twitter @ElHefeNOFX and @MrsHefe.